5 Things No One Tells You About the Week Following a C-Section

PT Mom

So you think you spared yourself the rigors of childbirth by having a c-section? (No stitches “down there” and your bladder is nice and intact.) But the actual days following a cesarean can be really tough.  I am one week post c-section and in the thick of recovery. As crazy and dazed as I feel as I sit down to write this post, (with hands that are completely numb from carpal tunnel that is worse now than when I was pregnant!), I know I have to write it before I completely block out the memories.

Having just gone through my 2nd c-section, I was amazed at how little I remembered and how unprepared I was for it… yet again. Here are some of the highlights from the “I wish someone had told me…” that I experienced.

IMG_2109Five things that will surprise you about your immediate days post Ceasarean

1. You will have a catheter

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