How to buy the Best Formula for cheap – Formula Price Comparison Tool!

Mommy Ammo

Ever tried shopping for your favorite brand of Formula in less than 20 minutes? Seems like an impossible task, isn’t it?

As if choosing the “right” formula for my baby wasn’t enough of a daunting task with a total of 87 options (yes, 87!) available in the market, once I have made the decision on what brand and type of Formula to purchase, I now had about 120 websites selling me the same product in different combinations (Powder/ Liquid Concentrate/ Ready to Feed… 23.2oz, 10oz, 4oz.. etc. etc. etc.). If I wanted to get the best value for the money I was paying, there was no easy way to compare them. Each product has a different count, some websites asked to pay for shipping, some had coupons with discounts, which made them as different as apples and spaceships.
I created this easy Excel sheet to compare apples to apples which…

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